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We are Your Divorce Made Simple. Our mission revolves around assisting individuals and couples in addressing their financial considerations while safeguarding their shared assets to the greatest extent possible. Whether it’s through consultations or mediation sessions, our expertise lies in facilitating the negotiation process for the fair distribution of assets. Additionally, we offer financial planning support both during and after the divorce.

We recognize that divorce is often a complex and emotionally charged process. The conventional route often involves hiring attorneys who represent individual parties and advocate for their respective interests, but it is likely they are not financial experts.

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Your Divorce Can Be Simple. Our Guidance Can Help.

Divorce is not one-size fits all and can be challenging for all parties involved. Your divorce can be simple, if you plan it. With or without your partner, we’ll prepare you to go to your lawyer with a workable Divorce Plan, including a solid financial plan that will help minimize time and money spent on legal proceedings.


Stop Stressing

We’re your guide to creating a divorce plan that eliminates financial uncertainty while designing your new life.


Save Time

Our unique process takes only weeks to achieve a workable agreement as opposed to months with traditional approaches.


Save Money

Your Divorce Made Simple combines a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) alongside the mediation process so you can save more of your financial assets.

– Do you know what is involved in the divorce process?

– Do you have a clear understanding of the financial and tax ramifications when dividing the marital estate?

– Do you have a plan for when the divorce is final?

– Do you have a budget or financial plan for your life after divorce?

– Do you have a custody arrangement that includes adequate support if children are involved?

– Do you have a job or other income that will support you financially after divorce?

Do You Really Need
to Start with an Attorney?

Divorce is about the division of assets, child support, and spousal support. The latter two are best served by family law experts. The division of assets, however, is a process that is much better suited to be handled by financial experts, who are more qualified to determine an equitable settlement based on lifestyle and financial implications, including tax laws, investment strategies, and budgeting.

YDMS vs. Attorney (1200 x 927 px)

Guidance for Every Kind of Divorce

Evolving the divorce process to help you together or individually to separate amicably.

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Divorce Financial Plan

We review the numbers that you need to consider when planning your financial future. This includes assets such as 401ks, brokerage accounts, property, and more. We take into account both parties’ requests, and review the tax ramifications to ensure a fair outcome, as we build your divorce plan and post-divorce budget.

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Divorce Financial Plan & Mediation

We believe in amicable divorces. Our innovative approach to mediation allows couples to sit down over a series of sessions to find common ground and structure a settlement, giving each party more time and more money to move on peacefully.





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We’ve helped many people move through the divorce process smoothly, amicably, and with win-win outcomes.

“After several months of unsuccessful negotiations between my lawyer and my husband’s attorney I brought the team at Your Divorce Made Simple in to help create a budget, assist with a fair division of assets and help with mediation negotiations. Additionally, they were able to assist me with the financial aspects of my ex-husband’s business and prepare endless financial documents around the division of assets in preparation for the court where she was an expert witness. Not only did they help me through the more than 2 years I was waiting to finalize my divorce, but they helped me get on a solid financial foundation after the divorce was finalized.”

Sara R.

My attorney suggested I use the team at Your Divorce Made Simple to help with the division of assets while going through divorce. They helped with planning and divorce negotiations, in the beginning, to see if we could divide our marital assets amicably with an attorney or mediation. By sitting down with Amy and Eric we were able to successfully negotiate the division of assets and used the attorney to draw up the legal documents and file the court paperwork. Expenses for this ended up being less than $6K and my ex-husband and I were able to finalize the agreement within weeks.

Jen M.

“Everyone’s divorce is unique. But every divorce has three elements – emotional, legal and financial. This is why my attorney suggested I hire Amy Colton of Your Divorce Made Simple to assist with the financial and tax aspects of divorce. Most people use their attorney for financial advice but they are not financial professionals and often don’t give sound advice. Having a team that worked together on the financial and legal components of my divorce gave me the confidence I was getting the best advice possible. This team approach was clearly in my best interest. Not only did Amy help me through my divorce but she was able to set me on a good financial path for the future as I started the next chapter of my life. She gave me peace of mind and helped me transition out of a long term marriage to having a plan for the next stage of my life. Knowing I had her to help me made me sleep better at night.”

Kelly O.

Divorce is a dificult decision,
but it can be simple if you plan it


  1. Understand Your Options
  2. Create a Strategy Tailored to Your Needs
  3. Develop a Financial Plan
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  1. Save Time
  2. Save Money
  3. Reduce Stress

How to Plan for Your Divorce

Hiring a lawyer can be a costly regret. Consider starting with a divorce financial plan.

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