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Helping You Move Forward With A Plan

At Your Divorce Made Simple, we work with couples going through divorce to help them negotiate the division of assets, child considerations, and financial planning needs both during and after the divorce.

Helping You Move Forward With A Plan

All the Knowledge About the Process.

By giving them knowledge on the different options available, likely outcomes, and knowledge about the divorce process, we inspire couples to move forward with confidence.

Meet the Team

Amy Colton Founder, MBA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), Family Law Mediator, Wealth Advisor

Michelle Fuccella Certified Divorce Specialist®, Wealth Advisor

Deb Bigler

Deb Bigler Director of Business Development, Certified Divorce Specialist®

Chad Rixse Wealth Advisor

Eric Negron Co-Founder

Jennifer Varteressian Tax Attorney

Chris Marrone Wealth Advisor

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